Diana Brandmeyer




Women are strong!

Sometimes we don’t know how strong we can be until we are forced to react to something harmful or unpleasant. I write fiction about women choosing to challenge their fears even though they want to run from them. By the end of their journey they have become the strong women God intends. Perhaps you’ll see a bit of yourself between the covers. 


Diana Lesire Brandmeyer



Almonds in the Raw

So for months—maybe years I’ve watched my husband go through pounds of raw almonds. How could he eat them like candy? When I asked he just shrugged and said, “They’re good.” Sometimes his lack of words frustrates me. I wanted to know why they are good? Why can’t you stop eating them? What is about(…)

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze This morning  there was a familiar but not recognizable smell in our home and it wasn’t from last night’s dinner. This smell triggered happiness and youth, but I couldn’t figure out what it was or where it came from. Copyright: idal1981 / 123RF Stock Photo Then I noticed the curtains dancing in front of an open window.(…)