Questions? Ask and I’ll answer.

Hey there!

Stories from the heartland is the tag line for my writing. I chose it because it’s where I live and who I am. Born in Missouri and now living in Illinois I can’t imagine a place that doesn’t have four seasons. 

Life is like that, season’s change and often without warning.  I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. One day you have a grand plan of how the future is going to work out and you get a phone call that changes everything. It could be a good call like your husband has been promoted and you’ll be moving by the end of the week to a place you’ve dreamed about. Or maybe it’s not so good– a child is in trouble, a parent is ill.

What ever the stresses of your life might be reading is a good way to escape for a little while. It’s my first choice in the battle against anxiety, a long to-do list, and I’m so tired I can’t think about my own life right now.

Reading a chapter can take you away and leave you refreshed and energized to take on your own life.  How is that possible? Because writers put characters in impossible and troubling situations and somehow life turns out good for them. If it can happen to make-believe people it can happen for you too because God cares for you!