Hearts on the Road

Hearts on the Road

Forced to drive together, sparks smolder between them. 

She’s running from the past. He's aiming for the future. Will they connect?

Randi prefers her life to be free of a love life. But that may be ending when Preacher Boy steps into her cab and dazzles her with his charm. Is she strong enough to resurrect a crushed dream?

Positive that God called him to minister to truckers Matthew embraces his new job. But when partnered with Randi he gets entangled in her life and questions if he’s following God’s plan or his own. Is God pulling him off the road and into Randi’s arms?

Randi and Matthew find themselves at cross-purposes. His life on the road just began. Her driving days may be ending. Will this be a dead end for Randi and Matthew’s romance?

If you like sweet Christian love stories with unlikely heroines and heroes, then you’ll enjoy CBA best-selling author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer’s Hearts on the Road. Grab this over the road romance today. Download now.

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About the Book

Can separate dreams ever become one?

Randi Davis loves being a trucker because it’s just her and the road. But when her brother’s mistakes land her niece on her doorstep she must decide if she is strong enough to resurrect a dream crushed by her ex-fiancé.

Matthew Carter sees the seedier side of trucking every day, and he feels a pull toward the people there—a definite call to minister to them. But getting this ministry established is proving more difficult than he imagined when he’s thrust into Randi’s cab and her life.

Randi and Matthew find themselves at cross-purposes. His life on the road has just begun. Her eight-year-old niece needs a parent to come home to every day. Will this be the end of the road for Randi and Matthew’s romance?

Hearts on the Road is a sweet Christian story set in Wyoming. Brandmeyer writes with lighthearted humor, memorable characters, and subtle spiritual messages.

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: DKD Books
Publication Year: 2018
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