10 Creative iPhone Camera Apps Make Your Photos Pop

10+ Creative iPhone Camera Apps to Make Your Photos Pop

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Creative Live hosted an iPhone class last week on iPhoneorgraphy.  Thanks to Jack “Wow” Davis now have a few new apps  to add to some favorites.

What made the iPhoneorgraphy class, even more fun, is that my friend Patty Wysong, took it too. I’m sure you’ll find an “I” post  below.

iPhone camera apps Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
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Some of these are free and others are under $5.00.

Camera Plus

I’ve been using this one for a few months. I love it. I can adjust the exposure.

black and white photo book
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King Camera

There is so much to this ap I’m not sure I’ll ever use it all. It will post to INSTAGRAM!

Kingcamera iphone app


Easy to get full-resolution HDR pictures with this app.

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Create posters with photos and quotes.

Hubert H. Humphrey
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Use this app to change photos–one of my top picks. I used it to change the poster below.

Herbert H. Humphrey
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It’s a mini Photoshop for your iPhone or iPad.


This one is my go to camera now. I get a clear shot because it takes more than one and does some magic thing that makes me look like a better photographer. This guy hates cameras and yet…here he is with a *smile*.

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This one is pure fun and not just to entertain kids.

green, purple, yellow


UPDATE!!!! I’ve found another app that can be used on the iPad, iPhone and androids (or use your computer)


I love it’s simplicity in creating graphics for all the social media sites that I use. Facebook covers, twitter posts, Pinterest and more  are quick to design.

I used CANVA to make the blog graphic for this post.

lightning on tree

Many of these apps are available for the Droid or there are some like them. So go check out some new apps and see what kind of photos you can create!

teenager with phone
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  1. Thanks for all these suggestions. I just moved from my Droid to an iPhone because I wanted a better camera to supplement my big camera when I travel. I’ll get to testing them this weekend.

    1. Julie,
      I think you’ll like the apps. The phone isn’t a substitue for a great camera but for those who don’t have one or like you just want to capture a fast moment the apps bump up the look. That was a terribly written sentence. I have a headache so I’m not fixing it. 🙂

  2. So many apps, so little time to play with them! What a cute picture of your baby. I have a hard time catching mine, too. He gives me that same look but I can never get my phone out fast enough. Thanks for sharing these, Diana. Wishing you a Son-kissed weekend. 🙂

    1. We should take another class. 🙂 I loved having a friend to chat with during class and no instructor to get mad at me while doing it. I learned a lot from you too, like screen captures and using instagram.

  3. I just recently went from a dumb phone to an Android as it was given to me. Is that considered an IPhone? Still learning the phone and often get frustrated so have yet to play with the camera edit section. Someday.

    1. Barbara,
      You don’t have an iPhone you have a ‘droid’ they have a play store where you can get apps. Not sure what they have available but I’m sure they have or will have some fun things available.

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