10 Gifts for Readers

Do you love reading?

Do you know people who love reading?

Do you need gifts for you or a reader? Here are some gifts that have caught my attention. (these are affiliate links, by law I must tell you that but never fear it does not add to your cost of these items.)

These teas are fun and the tea is good!

Use the library often? This could be handy.

I love socks and these are fun!

I’d wear this!

And how about something to keep that tea or coffee hot?

There are several different versions of these. I love this one.

How about something to read ebooks with? This is my favorite one because it is easy on my eyes and the battery lasts a long time. The downside is no color book covers or things like games to distract you.

For someone who likes to track how many books they’ve read.

These look like fun bookmarks. Great for doodling or using in a journal!

These are just a few of the gifts I think would be fun. And of course, always considered giving a book. Those are always good gifts for a reader and if you don’t know what to get them. How about a gift card?

And how about a quick read for yourself to get into the Christmas spirit?

She vowed to marry for love. He promised his daughters a mother for Christmas. Time is running out for both of them.


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