10 Reasons to Be a Grateful

Being Grateful and Thanksgiving

It’s been a year of ups and downs for my family. Your’s too? I’m posting my top ten reasons to be grateful, join me in the comments please.

Be Grateful 123

  • Family
  • Having two book contracts
  • Finding out why I haven’t felt good for two years and fixing that
  • My grandson–he gets a special mention
  • A pile of firewood on the porch
  • A husband who doesn’t complain about my cooking skills
  • Freedom to do what I want with my life
  • That I still have a mom to hug
  • An abundance of friends
  • Losing a nice number of pounds before the holiday season begins

So what are a few things you are grateful for this year?

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Be a Grateful

  1. Jane says:

    1) Husband who loves me and has a wonderful sense of humor
    2) Sons who love me and have their Dad’s sense of humor, some more of it than others.
    3) First Grand-son who is thriving after a challenging start to his life.
    4) The blessing of being a Chaplain at a local hospital, even though it’s night work.
    5) My church Family who is awesome.
    6) Time to pursue “whatever” I feel inclined or dis-inclined to do on my free days.
    7) A new lap-top which has good internet connection.
    8) Friends to share adventures with.
    9) The blessings of good food
    10) A safe, cozy home.

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