A kiss is just a kiss

Or is it?

a2z: the letter “K”

Photo by Frank Selmo
Photo by Frank Selmo

Writing romance is a fun way to make a living
and in romance it’s all about THE KISS.

Or rather the moments before THE KISS.

The first KISS that is. What’s leading up to two people risking a chance of catching a cold, a deadly disease?

Wait, back up. I write romance, not end of the world deadly disease kills us all books!

THE KISS starts way before the couple are standing–or reclining in water like the photo above. It starts from the moment one person realizes they have feelings for the other.

The angst of, “Do they like, love or only want friendship from me.”
The thrill of the, being so close their lips almost touch and someone or something interrupts THE KISS.

It has to happen at the right moment in romantic movies and books. If it happens to soon writers lose their audience.

Think about some of your favorite sitcoms where it is obvious two characters belong together. I’m thinking of Jess and Nick, on New Girl. I just know they belong together. I want them to KISS. But as soon as they do the show is going to lose me as a viewer. The tension between them will be different–over.UNLESS, the writers find a way to separate them fast and we’re left wondering if it was really THE IMPORTANT ONCE IN A LIFETIME KISS.

In A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee THE KISS doesn’t happen for a long time and when it does Heaven and Travis can’t seem to find time alone to discuss it. So as a reader you want to keep reading to see if it’s going to happen again. Does it? I’m not telling. 🙂

What romantic movie or romance book have you read where THE KISS took your breath away?


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