a2z: The letter ‘E’ is for Eraser

I know, the letter ‘E’ is supposed to be for elephant.And it would apply very well to my family. We don’t like to forget anything and most of the time we do more of a ‘forgive but not forget’ action.

So I’m changing to ‘E’ is for Eraser.

Most of the time I’m happy to pull out a cute smiley face and erase a tiny hurt caused by someone.

Everyone has moments when things are said, meaning to be funny or not knowing  they have touched a live wire in your body.

 If you work with others, are a mom, or a wife sometimes you have to pull out a package of these things to erase the everyday, ‘wish that hadn’t happened’ moments.

And then there are those wounds that need the extra heavy duty industrial strength remover. Often it has to be used more than once because the marks still remains. It maybe close to invisible but it’s still there.

When I get to that point and I can’t get that ‘thing’ erased and I want to drag out the ‘elephant’ and remember I know it’s time for me to hit my knees. That’s when I thank God that He has erased my mistakes so cleanly they can’t be seen at all. Then I ask to help me erase the hurts from my mind caused by others.

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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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  1. “That's when I thank God that He has erased my mistakes so cleanly they can't be seen at all. Then I ask to help me erase the hurts from my mind caused by others”–as stated by the amazing Diana!!

    I couldn't have said it any better or clearer, Diana. Thanks for the gentle reminder of how much God loves me, loves us all.


  2. In a moment of indecision, I took a semester of graphic arts classes in college. I was astonished by all the different kinds of erasers. Gum, rubber, kneaded, pink, ink, and so on. They all had different applications, different uses for different materials. Maybe forgiveness is like that, too… different offenses require different kinds of erasers. Or, as Diana said, White-Out. : )

  3. Love this post, Diana! I'll never look at an eraser the same way again! Forgiving and forgetting brings so much peace–but it sure isn't easy to do. Hugs!

  4. Very fitting! Sometimes it's easier to “erase” other folks' goofs. Mine seem to be written in indelible ink. Then I have to remember that the One with the ultimate eraser took care of all that.

    Waving and smiling,


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