a2z: The letter is ‘I’ for instamatic

 That’s it. 

The camera that brought so much joy. It came one Christmas after a lot of begging for a real camera. I didn’t even know what to ask for, only that I HAD to HAVE a camera of my own. 

There is a song song by Merle Haggard (related to my son Andy by the way) where he says he puts on an “instamatic grin.”

I took a lot of those type of photos. And some of my shoe and other odd things that kids take photos of. My grandmother used the flash cubes with glitter to make ornaments for the Christmas tree. 

I love the name of the camera. Instamatic. I couldn’t imagine a time where I there would be such a thing. A camera where I could see the photo before I printed it. I would have save a lot of money and had photos of things I really wanted. So many times I would take one of those shots knowing I had captured something amazing, then weeks later it would come back from the photo place and what I’d tried to catch on film was above or below where I aimed the veiwfinder.

Yes, digital is great, but there was something about the excitement of waiting for those priceless photos of my brother doing strange things that I miss.

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  1. I have a picture of my daughter as a toddler holding a 110 camera. She saw it recently and wondered what that little black box was. : )
    Have you seen the “hipstamatic” app for iPhone pictures? It makes your photos look like they were taken with an Instamatic camera!

  2. Our family “album” was a box filled with loose photos. We always enjoyed taking each picture out, enjoying the memories that it held, then passing it around. I love the new cameras, but some things just never needed to change 🙂 Thanks for the reminder of earlier good times.

  3. I remember the wonder of Poleroid where it would spit the picture out right away and then you'd have to wave it around for while while it dried. There was anticipation as the picture would slowly form. And of course I had a regular camera with film that would take days to be developed.

    Fun post!

  4. Oh- the good old days! Times have changed so much, but this one for the better:) It was fun, though:) I still have a drawer that has film waiting to be developed. I better do that before it's obsolete, huh?

  5. My first camera was a 110. Loved that thing. =] And the anticipation of getting the film back was almost like a birthday. (LoL, until that 'perfect' turned out to be… not so perfect.) Second camera: digital. No comparison. 😉

  6. Me too Diana. I loved the little twirly flash cube. I loved turning in my film. I loved the lightly chemicaled (not a word) scent in the air at the photo mat. And I loved going through the pics afterwards. It was special and I'm glad I lived in an era where I got to ask for an Instamatic for Christmas.



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