a2z: The letter is ‘N’ for Needles

                                                N is for Needles

 I love to sew, stitch pieces of fabric into quilts or shirts. To do that I have to use a needle. What many nonsewers are unaware of is–how many kinds of needles there are!

For hand sewing there are betweens, sharps, applique, darning, short, long and even curved ones used to repair a special stuffed animal or a rip in your couch.

And the choices don’t stop there.

There are so many types of needles for my sewing machine that I need an organizer. 

Physical hurts are fixed with needles. Sorry no photos of that! I’m squeamish. Some needles are used to give us healing medicine or to check out blood levels.

I have learned the easiest way to get thread through fabric is to use some Thread Heaven.

This stuff coats the thread helping it glide through tightly woven fabric making it easier to join edges together.

The one thing I dislike about all needles is that they hurt when they stick in your finger. Too bad the Thread Heaven doesn’t help with that.

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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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  1. I sure wish I had someone around that could fix some things for me – someone handy with those needles! I could do it but just don't like to… 🙂

  2. GREAT letter N!! Coming from a family of quilters, needles abound. =] And yes, I even have curved ones and use them. They're sweet for all the stuffed animals I've repaired. =] And quilting betweens… oh yeah. =]

  3. My thinking exactly, Rhonda!

    I'm reading this think how the Lord can repair the tears and gashes that we allow to come into our relationship with Him. Sometimes the sewing is a little painful, but we are better off for action and endurance when the rends are brought back together.

  4. There's got to be a spiritual application in there…pain, needles, difficulty, Thread Heaven, smoothing it out and making it work.

    Sigh. You might be a writer when you can't help pulling applications out of the most ordinary stuff. 🙂

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