All over the place!

I’m so torn! I want to do so many things! Why didn’t God give me two or three brains and the hands to go with them?
I have a Passion Redeemed by Julie Lesman sitting on the corner of my desk begging me to read it. I can’t wait, but I must! Because I have to get things organized to attend the ACFW conference next week which means not just writing things but I have to co-ordinate pet watchers!
Yes, I said pets.
Wendell now has a friend. My son’s cat, Cleveland has come to say for a year. He was evicted, not my son! The cat! So since my son can’t move the Cleveland came to live with us. So far it’s been interesting to watch to grown male cats try to make it work. I’m a bit uneasy about leaving them alone while I’m gone so…I’m lining up people to stay over night with them. That takes more time and I just want to read that amazing book that’s taunting me from the corner of my desk! How do I know it’s amazing? Because I have the honor of being in Julie’s critique group so I got to see how this book grew and developed (or at least the first draft) and it a wonderful read. So if I quit informing you of what my life is about maybe I’ll get time to start reading it later today. 🙂 Bye!

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