Almond Flour makes the Quiche my Guy will eat!

It all started with the Savory Crust from The Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook. It had to be made before I could start on the quiche.

I was skeptical. Could a press in crust taste good?
This one has scallions mixed in with the grapeseed oil and almond flour. It was an easy crust to work for and a bonus while it was baking my house smelled yummy.

Here it is, The Asparagus Onion Quiche. (p. 62) Until a few years ago I wouldn’t eat asparagus and now it is becoming my favorite vegetable. The pink stuff in the photo is really purple onion, a lot of purple onion.

You can tell I’m not a food photographer because this isn’t a good representation.

But… it tasted amazing! Ed liked it and asked me to fix it again.

It was good for breakfast too. 

So far this cookbook was a splendid purchase.

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