Almonds in the Raw

So for months—maybe years I’ve watched my husband go through pounds of raw almonds. How could he eat them like candy?

When I asked he just shrugged and said, “They’re good.”

Sometimes his lack of words frustrates me. I wanted to know why they are good? Why can’t you stop eating them? What is about the taste that draws you back to them consistently?

He had no answers. Just that they are good.

So I decided to try and discover the answers. Raw almonds like those found at can be found in any grocery store that has bulk bins. Warning these little gems are not inexpensive but in the name of discovery I bought more than I usually do.

Understand please, that being gluten free I eat almonds in many forms. I use almond flour, almond milk, almond butter with honey on toast—oh my—it’s almost like having a doughnut for breakfast only healthy.

Slivered almonds, tossed and tossed with green beans are ever so delightful.

Toss in some roasted almonds in a salad and it becomes gourmet–at least in my house!

almonds almonds almonds

Give me those delicious almonds wrapped in dark chocolate any time over a candy bar, just not a bunch because I can’t stop eating them.

Almonds with salt are a perfect follow up to the dark chocolate almonds.

But naked almonds? Really? Can they be as tasty?

Yes, I have to admit to my husband he is right. Theyare good. But I have more words to use than he does so I can tell you they taste like pure almonds, no cover up sweetness, salt or roasted flavor. They fill me up and leave me happy and not searching for something else to snack on. They feel good in the palm of my hand. Heavy, like I’m having something to eat as opposed to those cheesy air puffed corn things I love.

What’s your experience with almonds of any kind? Do you use almond flour to cook? Do you snack on almonds? Do tell in the comments.

And if you, like a few of my friends are allergic to nuts I apologize for this hunger inducing post.

If you’re looking for recipes to use almond flour check out this post

made from against all grains

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  1. Hi Diana,
    I have previously been addicted to chocolate covered almonds as well. I had to give up eating them though.

    While I too had to go GF (not by choice) I’m also hypothyroid/Hashimotos & almonds exacerbate this issue 🙁
    So instead of almond milk it’s Coconut milk for me.

    Found you thru Ron Estrada’s IG post.

  2. I hear you when you talk about almonds being so versatile (or at least you hinted at this). For my family almonds are a frustration because my husband is highly allergic to any nuts (except coconut). but, I also have a son who needs Gluten-Free AND Dairy-Free. Soooo, as I’m perusing various recipe sites, I have to be especially diligent to scope out what has nuts and what doesn’t and what I can sub if dairy is involved.. So many of the recipes I find that sound good, incorporate almonds in some form. So, my question has been what can one sub for almond milk in a recipe. I’ve been discovering that many Gluten-Free products are also lower carb, yet another facet of the way we eat nowadays. Coconut milk or soy milk are possible alternatives. Just today I bought Silk brand non-dairy yogurt to attempt to make some GF muffins that I made before we discovered the dairy problem for my son. And, once my oven is repaired, I’ll be trying them. Aren’t food limitations such fun! Certainly allows one to flex their creative muscles to come up with suitable dishes that the whole family can enjoy.

    1. Hi Jane,
      Yes, I think almonds are versatile-unless there is an allergy and then yikes! Having to deal with 3 allergens in your household has to be a mountain high challenge. i hope you get your oven fixed soon. Our’s is also wonky these days, not liking the 350 degree temp. setting so baking is difficult.

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