Have you ever been to a Lost and Found concert? Last December they performed a Christmas concert that I can say I’ve never seen one like it before. One of their catch phrases is the word .And. They like it because a person isn’t just one thing. Think about it they’re right. I’m a wife AND a writer AND quilter AND mom AND gluten free AND….the list goes on and on. AND yes I bought the t-shirt.

The band is made of of two people, and I think what they can carry. They’ve even ridden bikes across country! “We left from Niagara Falls, Ontario in September 1986 and returned there in August of 1987. During the trip we rode basically from New York to St. Louis to Miami to San Diego to Seattle and back to New York. It took us 340 days and we played 270 concerts at schools, churches, camps, or any place that would have us. We stayed with families 300 nights and in hotels the other 30. One thing about us: we do not camp. (It’s just our nature.) We made the trip without ever missing a concert date and without any support vehicle following us or leading us. We supported ourselves through the sale of our first record (vinyl only at the time). Lots of days we would bungee-cord the records to our bikes and bring them along to the gigs to offer for sale. It was an incredible experience to say the least. If you’re interested in the whole story (with illustrations), you can find us retelling the highpoints of our journey in true comic style on the special DVD included in our boxed set, “LOST AND FOUND: The Early Years.” What to hear them? AND yes I am running late with my letter A.

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