a2z–Bonding and Bonding Families

My “B” is for Bonding and Blending

I missed last week’s a2z meme due to a hiccup in my site. I thought I’d catch up today.


Once long ago blending families to me meant joining two different families and making them into one happy and cohesive unit. Yeah, I know it’s much harder than it sounds. I wrote a book about that– We’re Not Blended We’re Pureed a Survivor’s Guide.


What I didn’t realize as we were in the process of blending and bonding that someday our boys would meet girls they wanted to marry. Seriously, I thought they would never grow up! And yes, now I would like to make them small again for just a day or two.


They did grow though and taller than me, two of them found delightful women to marry-the other, who knows? maybe soon.  We had to learn how to blend our family with daughter-in-laws and figure out who gets to see who on the holidays.

But now we are about to do a different kind of blending and bonding.

Boy blending baby


Yes, it’s true. We are getting our first grandchild and it’s a boy. This boy is going to be loved beyond imagination as he’ll have 3 sets of grandparents. Whew talk about learning to blend, this is going to be an excercise of patience, acceptance and graciousness between all of us as we find a comfortable way to share him.


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