Book Signing Day

Saturday was my first ever bookstore book signing. You can tell by my necklace I was a bit freaked out. I was moving a lot!

The day started off great with my family taking me for lunch and getting me set up at Words of Wisdom.

There were a lot of people coming through the doors and I signed a lot of books.

What made the day so much fun was having friends stop by to get a copy of Hearts on the Road. This is Les, my husband’s childhood friend. He wanted to stand and have a photo shoot with a someday famous author. He’s so funny!

Ed, my husband and Les wanted to look scholarly so thought the foreground should have the books in the photo.

There were many people that day to make it special. I can’t name them all, I wish I could but I’d leave someone out I’m sure.

I have to say thanks to Rhonda Langefeld for suggesting me to the store for the signing. Someday I’ll be waiting in line to get her book. I can’t wait!

And a thank you hug goes out to Sara, my daughter-in-law for helping me with all the sales!

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