Breaking Rules Allowed or Not?

When is it okay to break rules?

When you learn how to write a there are so many rules–double space, start the first chapter 2/3 down the page, don’t use adverbs and the list continues until your head spins.

After writing a while you find out that some of those rules are okay to break, if what you do works.

Today I grabbed a sewing project that I started over a year ago. It’s quite challenging because I haven’t sewn clothing in quite a while. This is a HotPattern Jean pattern. That means tracing the pattern, then cutting it out before you can start to cut out the fabric.

Even though it was challenging I thought I could skip the directions, jump right back into sewing because it’s like riding a bike, you never forget how.

pink jean sheild with flat flower head pins

I think that is a myth. I clearly forgot how and my reward was ripping out numerous seams.
Then I read the directions.

pattern sheet for hotpatterns classsic nouveau dressy jeans

They didn’t help. More ripping followed.

The next best way to figure it out? Youtube.

iPad with woman sewing jean shield on sewing maching

Trudy from HotPatterns to the rescue.

If they turn out I’ll post a photo–don’t hold your breath.

So I learned even if you know your subject or hobby breaking the rules only works if you know the rule first. After that you can play tug-a-war with them and win.

*Rule applies to cooking too. Just because I had a new blender and knew how to turn it on didn’t mean I understood how it worked. I filled it to the top with hot split pea soup and turned it on. Took me weeks to get all the soup removed from the kitchen walls. The joys of being 21 year old bride and a kitchen full of new kitchen toys. Priceless.

What rules have you broken that you had to go back and do it the right way?

Sunday ROW80 Check in:
rough draft of proposal finished
almost compeleted sewing project
blogged 2xs last week and worked out 3 days.
not bad, maybe this goal setting does work.

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  1. In my home ec class (remember those?) I made the required A-line dress according to all the shortcuts my grandmother, a life-long professional seamstress, had taught me. However, my teacher wasn't happy that I didn't do it her way. I cried all night about having to start all over just so every seam would be marked just so. However, that's when my mother taught me some battles aren't worth the trouble and helped me rip out seams and do it like the teacher wanted.

    1. That was nice of your mom to help you rip those seams. I remember home ec. 🙂 In the first sewing class I hemmed my skirt the way my aunt had taught me. I was told to rip it out. I didn't. I was a bit stubborn. 🙂

  2. I do experiment with cooking, but tend to do a recipe the way it's written the first time, (unless it has nuts). I also tend to try new recipes to take to potlucks. That way I get to try some my family wouldn't touch at home. I've had a couple recipes that turned out better when they failed than if I'd done them properly? Sewing is another matter – I can follow the pattern and still not like the end product. I think I still have a band-collar shirt I attempted to make for Eric that never got finished.

    1. Hi Jane!
      Now recipes are something I never can seem to follow the rules for and I hadn't thought about that. It seems I never have exactly the right thing to make something and I improvise.

      Eric should be proud you attempted to sew him a shirt. 🙂

  3. I am so on board with this. According to my proofreader, I have a major problem ending my sentences with prepositions. First thing I did was head to the GREAT INTERNET and look up all the rules and how to avoid breaking them.

    Good luck with your sewing. I am all thumbs at it. My sister is amazing, though. Her blog is called “My Imagination Station”. You should check it out.

  4. Gloria,
    I wasn't going to try making clothes anymore and stick with quilting. But then I started following a few sewing blogs and the next thing I knew piles of fabric came out of the closet. 🙂

    I am not a rule breaker either. Unless it's not a legal rule then I break them without a single tear.

  5. I haven't sewed in forever… This story makes me want to stay away from my sewing machine for a little while longer! 😉

    Despite my appearance, I try to follow the rules (be it of writing or other). Rules I break I think long and hard about before doing so. Of course everyone breaks some rules due to ignorance, and I am also guilty of that. I guess it is the last type that I quickly try to fix and go back to the “proper way” of doing.

  6. LOL!! I'm imagining the cleaning of pea soup from EVERYWHERE! Wow… How about the time I ran out of dishwasher soap and thought dish soap couldn't be that much different. Sigh. Mopped up bubbles for a looooong time!

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