Broken Pipes

I am so blessed. As a child of God I can scream and complain about my situation right now. I can stamp my feet and hold my breath and yet know that my Father will still love me when I’m finished with my tantrum. And I know that there must be yet another lesson I’m supposed to be learning or maybe I’m supposed to be a light to my non Christian friends. The one’s that always say ‘this stuff shouldn’t happen to you and your family. You’re such good Christians and good people.’ So if you’re saying those things about us please stop.

So what happened?
Ed and I finally found a few days to go on vacation. We filled the trailer with water from our back water faucet. The water ran almost an hour. Then with huge smiles thinking about the trip we were planning we came inside to find WATER! Almost an inch of it all over the kitchen floor and into the living room. We mopped and used a carpet machine, blew a fan and ran a dehumidifier but no use. The laminate floor in the kitchen is ruined. The carpet had to be pulled back to dry. Right now the restoration company is ripping up my beautiful floor and removing cabinets and banging holes in the wall. We have been told we cannot leave unless there is someone here everyday to let them into the house.  So our vacation is over before it began. Could we go later? Probably not. Our workforce is returning to school and our house sitter (our son) is returning to college so there won’t be anyone to watch the pets.

So today I’m sinking in my pity party pool. But today I also know God loves me. He didn’t do this to ruin my vacation but why did he allow it to happen? Maybe I was supposed to clean under that stove last week. 🙂

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  1. Oh, man! Diana that totally stinks. What is it with houses out to get you? I’m so sorry.

    I don’t know what it means, but you all are sure getting a lot of house repair experience.

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