Changing Focus

Shift Your Point of View

“Ugh. Why does that ugly trailer have to be the first thing I see when I open my front door?”

moblie mini office with broken windows

I’ve been looking at this mobile mini for years. It’s tattered widow coverings sometimes greet me with a wave from the broken windows. My neighbor in which this lovely trailer sits can’t see it from his home. It’s behind the shed in his back yard.

The problem is that his back yard faces my front yard. No, he isn’t the kind of neighbor you ask to remove such lovelies from his place. He frequently drags home such ‘finds’ that can’t be believed. Just to  the left of the trailer now resides a john boat with a PAYDAY NOW (BRIGHT RED) sign lisping over the edge.

Today I’ve had enough. I’m changing my point of view to this.

corkscrew willow tree branches moving in the wind

When I open my door and look right I’m greeted with my fairy tale corkscrew willow tree. My day starts off on a happier note. I remember I live in America and I’m fortunate to live in a part of the county that doesn’t impose ‘rules’ like ‘no clothes lines in the yard’ or ‘the grass must not reach more than 2 inches high.’

It means that I while we own our property and can do what we wish, so can our neighbor. The no parking private drive sign at the end of our road tells me I’m still free to do as I wish with my property without an association saying it is okay to do so.

With this bothersome problem out of the way I’ll be searching out other ways to shift my point of view. Starting with why I must do laundry.

Tell me in the comments what’s been bugging you?

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  1. Nice Posting! Had to chuckle because what bugs me most is hearing noise from outside in the early morning. Don't misunderstand me,I am an early getter upper. I enjoy the peace and quietness of nature, however, in the morning. The birds are the only ones I want to hear talking or singing.
    Tomorrow morning, I will look at it a little differently.
    Thanks for the nice post.
    P.S. By the way, even though I am now living in Europe, I was born and raised in the USA and am proud that I was born and raised in a country where I can now realize my dreams.

  2. People who habitually wear boring depressing colors to work. Grey on Gray, Black on blak, brown on broun, and blue on blew. They are so predictable I can set my color wheel by them. =) Today I wore a bright pink and green floral blouse with my blak slacks and red sandals. shocking!
    'Be the change you wish to see in the world.'

  3. Liz, watching the sky used to be a favorite thing of mine. But the sports park uses these huge lights and they are on most of the night. I think I could read in one of our bedrooms without turning on a light if I wanted to.

  4. As another country denizen, what bothers me the most is all the people with all these lights! I moved from the city to the country so I could see the stars at night. Turn off your lights so I can gaze heavenward for a while.

  5. Hi Chris, noise bothers me as well. Where we live used to be quite country side. Then they build a sports park across the street. It's very disturbing to walk outside at 10 pm and hear children screaming.
    On the other hand, they could have built a motel or factory. At least this way I have a walking trail.
    Not sure how to put a positive spin on the ATV other than the teenager will eventually grow up. 😉

  6. Here's my vent. We too live in the country and the east side of our four acre property runs along side a dead end road. Every weekend so far this summer, some kid runs his ATV up and down that dead end road all day long. Though I can't see him through our trees, the noise drives me nuts. I love the peace and quiet of where I live, but I haven't gotten that one weekend yet since the snow melted. Thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest.

  7. I am so tired of ungrateful people, especially family. It just seems like there are some people that no matter what you do, why, how, when or why, they are going to be offended. If makes me tired, hurt and angry. I'd love to ignore them like you do the trailer, but they are always right there in my face. Thanks for letting me vent…

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