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Please oh please do not use these lines–funny as they are–especially the numbers reference. I do think they might be good for a character I’m working on. Watch and tell me your favorite in the comments below.

Christian Pickup Lines from T Sam Pierce on Vimeo.

It’s also National Celiac Awareness Day, check out my friend Jodi Stewart’s blog today on the Top Ten Reasons to Eat at a Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurant.


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  1. Well, I once fell for “Don’t I know you?” in my younger, less wiser days. But these pick up lines in the video would make me crack up right then and there.

    “Excuse me, I believe on of your ribs belongs to me” BWAH HA HA

    1. As goffy as they are, Julie I might have considered going out with someone if they used them because I love to laugh. What story a couple would have on ‘how we met.’

  2. Too funny! Groan-worthy almost every one. Hate to admit it – but I got the biggest, and most sincere, laugh out of “God’s will.” – But it could be because it was the first.

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