Christmas is almost here!

One week until Christmas!

Does that sentence send you into a frenzy? Is panic setting in? 

Maybe you’re the person who had cards addressed and mailed the day after Thanksgiving? Your gifts were bought and wrapped before St. Nick’s?

I’ve been both of those personalities in the past.

There comes a time when your children grow up, move out and Christmas slows down. That’s where we are now. Sort of.

We’ve cut down on how much we spend on gifts after doing Dave Ramsey’s course and surprise everyone is okay with that. Which means I have much less to shop for and wrap. 

Because we have a two-year-old grandson we stuck to our tiny tree which means less decorating and more safety. Again, no one seemed to notice the lack of nutcrackers, stairs wrapped with garland or the table full of snowmen. 

Christmas Merry Christmas

What have I learned? 

I’m doing the same thing next year. There is no need to make myself insane with decorating, though I wish I could buy more for my kids. I most likely will always wish to shower them with presents. 

So from me to you, I wish you a Blessed Christmas, lots of family time and focus on Christ the newborn.  I’ll be back to writing posts in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Carol


2 thoughts on “Christmas is almost here!

  1. Jane says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. We’ve actually managed to get all our buying done, and the first box of gifts mailed to OR. Had one gift we were waitng on and wouldn’t you know it arrived in the mail AFTER I’d already sent off the rest of the gifts. Not sure we’re doing a tree this year as have no readily available place to set it up. The boys are busy with their own celebrations so Christmas will be low-key this year. I’m working Christmas Eve so our gifts won’t be opened until later in the day. I feel the joy of the season and am so grateful for what this holiday means for eternity, but am stepping back from all the hype it can create.

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