Corned Beef Hash Metaphor for life?

Corned Beef Hash as a metaphor?

When I was a kid Friday was the worse day of the week.

Yes, I said Friday. That was the day mom served corn beef hash, with cheese and macaroni. The kind in the blue box that wasn’t gluten free. Back then I could eat that.

Corned beef hash was the first thing I thought about in the morning and all through the day. That ugly pile of meat would be waiting on my plate for dinner. It would be there congealing long past dessert time. Me and the hash staring each other down until I ate those required three bites. The cheese and mac would be nothing but a memory two seconds after it hit my plate. I would beg for more but no, unless I ate the corned beef there would be no more mac and cheese.

corn beef hash in skillet

As time went by my mind shifted, if I wanted the good stuff (mac and cheese) I had to do something I didn’t like (eat the corned beef hash!) One day I rushed through the front door and said, “I’m ready. I’ll eat it.” It was a mindset that changed.

As I look through my life those corned beef hash moments appear over and over.

I love to paint, but I don’t like cleaning up.

I enjoy making new recipes, but I don’t like cleaning up.

Sewing is fun, mistakes are not so I don’t like to rip out stitches.

I love my cats, but I don’t like cleaning the litter box.

A clean house feels so good, but cleaning it? No thanks, I’d rather not.

I love writing books, but I don’t enjoy marketing them. Buy my book, please. That’s more than I’m comfortable doing.

So, it looks like all the good things in life come with a downside that you must do, if you want to do the thing you love. So yes, Corned Beef Hash is my life metaphor.

So tell me what’s your Corned Beef Hash metaphor?

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