Cornelia Taggart

A Bride’s Journey to the Colorado Territory releases July 30th. And we’ve learned about Jake Miles in A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee and we know what he’s thinking before he boards the steamboat.

Now it’s time to meet Cornelia who will shake up his world.

Cornelia Taggart und Bruder reisen nach Amerika

Translation: Cornelia Taggart and brother to travel to America

Sind Sie nervös, was auf Sie zukommt?

Translation: Are you nervous about what lies ahead for you?

C. Of course. It’s hard for me to remember to speak English and my brother Raymond says I must. He’s right. If I get lost from him, I need to know how to ask for directions.

Ist die Sprache Ihre größte Angst?

Translation:  Is the language your biggest fear?

C. Nein. Leaving home on a huge ship is scary. I have never been on a boat before, except for the little rowboat in the pond. This boat we are taking is groBe—big, my brother tells me it is taller than the church steeple.

Was werden Sie an zu Hause vermissen?

Translation: What will you miss about home?

C. My mother and father but they will follow us when we are settled. First, we must find enough gold to buy good farmland. Though I don’t know why we don’t try to find another way to buy land. My brother wants an adventure, I think.

I will miss my sweet horses too. I wonder if they will notice I am gone, though father promised to give them treats once in a while.

Was ist mit deinen Freunden?

Translation: What about your friends?

C. I don’t wish to talk about Frieda. I miss her and always will.

Woher weißt du, was du für eine Reise über den Ozean und dann durch Amerika packen sollst?

Translation: How do you know what to pack for a trip across the ocean and then across America?

C. Raymond has a book that tells us what we will need. I tell him we will need more than what that book suggests. He doesn’t listen, but then he never does hear what I have to say.

Haben Sie keine Angst, dass Sie miteinander streiten könnten?Translation:  Aren’t you afraid you might argue with each other?

C. I have no doubt that will occur. We are sharing a cabin on the ship and then we will be in the wagon. I don’t see how we will keep our differences from banging against each other. Too much closeness but we will have to learn to be more than family. Freunde—friends, I hope.

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  1. I love your interview with Cornelia! It tells all in a very unique fashion. Can’t wait to read the book.

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