Creative Space Thursday

Today I’m joining in with Kootoyoo who started the creative space Thursday photo journey. Today I chose my desk place because I am working on editing a manuscript. I’m loving having two monitors–now that I know how to use them. Thanks Ben!
My desk is usually a volcanic eruption of paper and books. I have it under control right now, again thanks to Margie Lawson’s course on defeating self defeating behaviors. The first week of the month it is on my goal list to clean it off.

Yes, I know there are two books on my desk! Before the Season Ends was so good I wanted to write an endorsement for it. I did that! There is a review of it further down on my blog, or look for the review link on the right side.

I’m just starting When the Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. He is an excellent writer. I don’t know if he’s taken any of Margie Lawson’s courses or not, but he is a writer to read to see how it’s done.

What book do you recommend as a well written book? I’d like to know!

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