Creative Space Thursday Pizza Boxes

I found this tutorial on you tube, this is part 1 done by Serena Smith. You start with a pizza box from your local pizza place. My box wasn’t as easy to work with as Serena’s so it might be best if you get a box from Pizza Hut.
You can find part 2 here.

It’s really fun to do. I did another one that isn’t pictured. I have a feeling it could be come one of my favorite relaxing creative moment. It takes very little time. I’m storing finished quilt blocks in the one pictured. I’m thinking this would be good for completed scrapbook pages while I finish the rest for an album. It would be great for storing traced patterns too.

You can see the front of my box is a bit bumpy. The front of my Pizza box wasn’t straight so I had to play with the fabric to make it work.

The other one I did in a lighter color and the graphic from the pizza den shows through. Doesn’t matter to me though since it’s stacked on a shelf, the top isn’t that visible.

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3 thoughts on “Creative Space Thursday Pizza Boxes

  1. Maureen says:

    I saw this somewhere else but not in fabric. Our pizza boxes are rectangular and usually a bit greasy on the bottom once we’ve eaten.

    Looks like you found a good use for them.

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