Creative Thursday–Re-purpose a mirror

 …from the life of Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

Last summer I decided to repaint and redo our bedroom. I have the furniture I bought with my first teaching paycheck. I spent hours after school sanding and staining a lot of wood. The dresser was popular style back then, the one that had a hutch top complete with shelves and small drawers. 

When it was time to put the room back together I realized I didn’t want the big bulky look any longer. So I stowed the hutch top in an extra room. Months had gone by and I still had it, what should be done with it? 

I loved the mirror. I decided I could keep it. So Paverman took it all apart for me. And still it sat. It was pretty cold here one day so I suggested we burn the parts I didn’t want. We did. One of the warmest fires we’ve had!

It was finally time to start re-purposing it, after all I’ve been watching HGTV and The Nate Show long enough to know how.

You can see the old dark stain and where the molding was removed. I used Rustoleum white spray paint. Even with the garage door open the fumes were strong.

Cutting the rope was super easy–for me. Paverman did the hard work.

Check out those hands. They can do anything! 

The corners turned out nice and I like the mirror with the rope. We nailed–okay, I didn’t, Paverman used the nailgun to attach the rope.

But I did paint!

Now I need to get it  hung. “Oh Paverman? What are you doing tonight?”

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