Daisy Chain a review by Elaine Stock

I’ve asked a good friend and writer, Elaine Stock to post her review of Mary E. Demuth’s new book on my blog.

DAISY CHAIN by Mary E. Demuth

DAISY CHAIN takes the reader back to the 1970s, a time before teenagers isolated themselves with computer games or tuned out the world with music downloaded onto an iPod. Yet, like any slice of present or past, not all is perfect or safe. Set in Defiance, Texas, DAISY CHAIN, part one of a trilogy, sets into motion the thought troubling many people: How can a good and loving God allow bad things to happen to good people?

Jed, a 14-year-old boy, lives with his tough-as-rusty-nails preacher dad, his emotionally unstable mom who gives her love the best she could, and a younger sister who at times is seized with a lisp. At times, Dad Pepper’s actions are as hard as his words. His family suffers both physically and emotionally from his abuse. A family secret, they keep this from the public eye, although a few have suspicions.

The beginning of the story sets Jed’s world upside down. The stability and probable future soul mate he has in his life, Daisy, is snatched up and away, joining the ranks of missing children. Jed’s guilt and self-blame over Daisy’s disappearance is carried throughout the story: a heavy burden for anyone, especially so young, to carry.

Jed meets and befriends some very special people. Muriel, who is fighting cancer, comes from a bizarre marital past. Hixon, who is often thought of as the town prophet, suffers through prejudice against him, and his own demons. Combined with the companionship of Jed’s young sister, and what seem to be Daisy’s whispers of faith, Jed finds the strength to stand up for his convictions.

DAISY CHAIN is not light reading, but is thought provoking, leaving the reader asking several questions about life and God, and wondering what will happen to Jed and those whom he loves. It’s well worth spending time in Defiance for a walk with young Jed down a very rough road, one we all seem to travel on at one time or another.

Reviewed by Elaine Stock

Thanks Elaine! This sounds like a book I can’t wait to read. Good news for one of you! Mary has offered to give away a free copy as long as there are ten people who post a comment! So please leave a post and MOST IMPORTANT leave a contact email address or you won’t get the book if your name is picked! You have until April 8 12:00 pm central standard time!

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11 thoughts on “Daisy Chain a review by Elaine Stock

  1. Janet says:

    OK, count me in. You can find my email in my Blogger profile (click on my name). To anybody who posts their emails openly here, you should put spaces in it or convert the @ to (at). Otherwise the spambots will harvest it and your spam will go way up.

  2. Thoughts from South Moon says:

    Thanks for the review. The 1970’s is an interesting choice to set a story in. It seems one of those vanilla decades that slipped by us. Of course I say this as a mother, who at the time, was busy corralling three young sons around her knee caps. I think I lost that whole decade, so it might behoove me to now read about it and find out what was going on while I was wiping up gallons of spilt milk.

  3. Anonymous says:

    HI. Great review! And since Elaine and I have similar tastes in good books, I’m looking forward to reading DAISY CHAIN. Please enter me in the drawing.

    saaliasone at mac dot com

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