Doctor Visits

Why do they call them Doctor Visits?

Do you remember when you were little and your mom or dad said you were going to visit the doctor?

The first few times you probably thought it would fun like visiting an old aunt or a grandparent. Then you figured it out.

Doctor visits were code for “unpleasant” and a sticker.

Say Ah!
Say Ah!

As I’ve grown older those doctor visits no longer bring so much fear, or stickers, just high medical bills. Being self-employed means you get insurance that is expensive with a very high deductible. Now every time I have one of those visits my savings account gets smaller.

And I don’t get a sticker. Yeah, I’m hung up on that little extra something. Most of the doctors I’ve seen this year have been great about sticking to appointment times. That’s a huge improvement since my time is also valuable.

Still, I’m thinking visit should mean a little bit of conversation. I’ve seen my primary care and several specialists this year and I’ve noticed a trend. The more specialized– the higher the bill and less conversation occurs.

Now, I don’t want to discuss my entire life on one of these visits but it’s nice when you go to your doctor and they know what you do. “How’s the writing? How are your kids? Any grandbabies yet?” That would be my primary care. I love that doctor.  He knows me or at least something about my life.

Contrast to that to my husbands specialist who recommended he get some excercise daily. WHAT? The man lifts 50 pound wall blocks over and over, lays pavers, crawls on his knees, every six days a week. I think he probably burns 3-4000 calories a day. So the only thing that doctor knows is what is on the paper in front of him.

I’m not sure why I’m on this rant today. Maybe because I went to see my specialist who ‘didn’t get’ who I am or what I do. Suggestions made for me to fall asleep faster? Write a few pages–to a writer that’s like telling a reader who is reading a really good book to put it down and go to sleep. I can’t do that either I have to finish the book first.

I will say that this specialist was very kind, and did her best to understand. In the end, what I went to see her for was achieved. In the process we both learned a few things about each other. So all ended well–except I still didn’t get a sticker. 🙂

How about you? What kind of relationship to you have with your doctors? Would you like more interaction or less? Let’s discuss this in the comments.


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  1. I have been blessed with wonderful doctors. But yes, yesterday, my radiation oncologist breezed in and breezed out. Didn’t even ask me about any side effects I was having. Come on. They all know my son is in the military and ask about him. And I think I’ll give all of those wonderful radiation techs a copy of my book. But next time, I’m not going to wait for him to ask about my side effects. I’m going to tell him.

    1. Liz, I’m so sad that happened to you.
      It’s good to know the others are so nice and that you’ll be giving them Snow on the Tulips. They’ll be exctied about that. I love that book.

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