EASTER and spring

Easter was fantastic. It goes without saying that John 3:16 became true on that day so long ago. I love Easter sunrise services, the music at my church is contemporary and I sing with love–not so much with voice.

The day was even better when I was able to get my family to assemble for a quick family photo. Josh and Bri are on the top left of the stairs, Andy and Sanita on the right of the stairs, Sara and Ben are on my left, then me and Hubs-Ed. hmmm, just noticed Ben and Sara are color co-ordinated!

The weather here is beginning to be nice so the trees and bushes are showing off, the cherry tree and lilac are in front yard and smell wonderful. The cats are enjoying the weather too.

Cleveland with his usual I’m too good for you pose. Wendell–didn’t want to pose for his photo shoot!

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