Encouraging Girlfriends to be Healthy


Girlfriends keep me sane, keep me from making serious mistakes, and love me almost unconditionally.  That can be dangerous for all of us. I’m taking a scary and shaky step here but I think it’s time to admit we need to be honest with our friends who aren’t taking care of themselves and they need to be honest and encouraging right back at us.

Now, I’m not saying you should tell them mean things like: wow, never thought I’d see you buy that size, or think you should eat that–as I myself open another snack pack of M&Ms, good thing I write where no one can see me.

What I am saying is this:

I love my girlfriends and I want to have them in my life for a long time. When my kids were my responsibility I did the hard things, like taking them to the doctor for checkups and shots. Yet, when it comes to myself I find excuses to skip mammogram, update vaccinations and blood pressure . Why does that matter as long as my clothes fit?  

But all of those things matter. Friends get breast cancer, have strokes, and without updated vaccinations can get sick and make their grandchildren ill. 

So let’s all take the girlfriend pledge.

Encourage each other to make steps for a healthy life because if we don’t we will be one less on that shopping trip, cruise or email list.

You can use this infographic below from Oscar Health Insurance as a guideline to ensure your checking off every appointment.

Oscar Girlfriends HealthLRG

2 thoughts on “Encouraging Girlfriends to be Healthy

  1. Luanne says:

    Di, thank you so much for this – it was such a good idea and I thank God everyday that you are my girlfriend and love me unconditionally and that you are going to give me the nudge I need to take care of myself. You are so right, we spend so much of our lives taking care of our kids, our husbands then helping our kids with the Grandkids that we neglect ourselves. That is bad on us.


    • Diana Brandmeyer says:

      Oh I do love you! a friend forever and I want it to be that way for many, many, many more years! I can’t imagine what life would be like without you so get healthy my friend and I will too! BFF4ever!

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