Eureka. Small town. Big Secret. A Syfy Original Series

I’m so very sad to see that this series has been canceled.

I haven’t had any problem releasing reality and feeling that there is a Eureka filled with genius minds planning, researching and messing up–all secretly supported by the government.

Jack Carter, the sheriff is a normal person trying to keep chaos under control in this town and without his common sense there wouldn’t be a Eureka. I want to live in his smarthouse, where Sarah fixes breakfasts, controls ambiance of the house and offers motherly advice.

The other character I will be sad to see no more is Jo Lupo– so much in love with Zane and until last nights episode determined to beat every challenge presented to her. Watching her character change and grow has shown me how to grow a character in my writing.

What canceled show do you miss?

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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