Exciting Times

a2z= “X”

I’m selecting the “X” in exciting for my post.

Why? Because of this:

grandmother excitement

There are no words to explain holding your first grandchild when he is an hour old.

There are no words to explain the excitement, awe and wonder that God had provide.

There are no words to explain the joy of hearing from your son and daughter-in-law that his name is a joining of a deceased father and a stepfather.

Blending families at it’s best. Welcome to the world Luke.

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14 thoughts on “Exciting Times

  1. Karla Akins says:

    Congratulations, Grandma! I have six granddaughters and one God-granddaughter and it never, ever gets old! Precious little people. I like watching them and sitting in awe of them.

    • Diana Lesire Brandmeyer says:

      Karla, for some reason the idea of having that many grandchildren would be as awesome as getting the big box of crayons in first grade. At least for me it was awesome…just had a thought that not everyone was excited about crayons like me. πŸ™‚

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