An Exotic Experience at Home

Exotic at Home?

Hold on to your britches my exotic experience at home isn’t what you might think. I’m a Midwest girl through and through and if getting exotic means heading to an airplane with a passport in hand let me educate you.

When the Word Nerd Word of the week popped up I wasn’t sure what I could do with that, not much happens in my life to claim the exotic title. Ordering pizza in the middle of the week instead of Friday night tends to be as exciting as it gets.

I set out to change that this week. What could I show my blog readers about living the exotic life at home? It was quite a puzzle. I grabbed my camera and chauffeur and hit the road.


It’s St. Louis Missouri’s 250th birthday this year and there are birthday cakes all over the city. We found this one at the St. Louis Art Museum at the top of Art Hill–known as the place to be on a snowy day because sledding is perfect. And yes I have on a lot of clothes–that exotic temperature is not beach friendly.

Cake at St. Louis


Not far from the Art Museum is Turtle Park where there are sand sculptures of–turtles! There’s also a snake but there was too much ice on the ground to risk getting the photo.



And last but not least how many can say they have one of these nearby their home?

Collinsville Catsup bottle


Yes, that is Santa climbing the bottle and it’s after Valentine’s Day. It’s been cold and icy here. I’m sure it’s too dangerous to climb on the roof to get him down.


How’s that for exotic? Not what you expected? When you do the “out of the ordinary” life at home can be exotic. 




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