Experiencing #BeyondVanGogh

If you can go to this exhibit, do it. I went to the #VanGoghStlouis exibit.
You’ll walk in and think oh– I get to read a lot about this artist and maybe you learned a lot of it in Art History.

Then you notice how the exhibit is set up. Window frames catch your attention and you see information in a new way.

gold frames with graphics behind them

After you’ve read some amazing things about this artist, you walk into another room that is filled with color from lights and you might find that exciting. I did, but I didn’t know what was to come.

The next room you enter is huge! And before you know it you’re standing in paintings. Then the painting move. They sweep across the floor, flowers bloom beneath your feet!

Then you turn around and there is Van Gogh staring at you and he winks! That was startling–I mean it is an immersive art experience but I have to say that one had me second-guessing what I saw.

This was an experience I needed. I’ve been trying to write the next series and I can’t seem to find the imagination I once had. Doing more things like this will help with that. I used to go to the fabric store and look at colors and touch the material but I haven’t done that since “you know what hit our world in 2020” I hope that will soon be gone and we can all get back to filling our lives with experiences that fill our souls.

author standing in the middle of an interactive display of Starry Starry Night
woman on bench looking at painting

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