Fall Reading

There is something about the shorter days and cooler air that has me grabbing research books, my kindle and my kindle fire. Yes, I am one of those reader/authors.

I love to read but I’ve discovered it’s hard to keep my books in one place. There’s the physical of course but what about ebooks. I use my kindle fire for my business/research books. My kindle gets my fiction love and sometimes my ipad and iphone kindle apps get called into action as well for research books.

This is my spot in the winter. As close as I can possibly get to the woodstove without igniting.

The book is Seeking St. Louis. It’s huge and I can only read a little at a time because it is so full of information. I haven’t used it yet in a book series but the time is coming. I want to be ready.

Are you out of books? Try finding some new reads here. One of mine, Hearts on the Road is on sale for 99¢.


Where do you like to read in the colder months? And how many blankets do you need? If I don’t have a fire I need at least two!

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