Painting to Feel Better starring Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers

a2z:The letter “F” is for feel better by painting

As my faithful readers and family know this past year has been a blur due to taking a statin drug, followed by the mold season! I really don’t remember much of 2013. I do remember telling my husband we’ll know I’m better when I drag out a paint brush.

I love to paint! But the idea of cleaning walls, taping fixtures and dragging ladder inside seemed like something I would never be able to do again.

A few months ago I did paint the new outside doors. it had to be done, but my heart wasn’t in it, neither was my body. It took a week to feel better.

But now!!! I’m feeling better! Look what I did!!! I even had Ed take down the light for me so I could spray paint it. It used to be an odd antique something…. I used Rustomluem metalic nickel.

The paint I chose for the walls is a Benjamin Moore color Smoke Embers.

Ed was more than happy to have me back to painting and feeling better. He does not like to paint.

bathrom before smoke embers gray tone paint on bathroom wall

If you want to pin to pinterest use the photo below! What do you think of Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers paint color? I love the softness it brings to all the hard surfaces. OH please do pin!

benjamin moore smoke embers

Next up, the laundry room and WRITING!!!!! I love feeling better.

When you don’t feel well what things do you miss doing?



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  1. I live with chronic pain so the idea of painting again is distant, but I do enjoy it. I love the way a home looks with freshly painted walls. I love antiquing the walls with cheesecloth. I look forward to feeling well enough to do so someday! Your bathroom looks divine, darling! Great job!

  2. I love the after photo- good job! I painted my entire condo, and the downstairs has cathedral ceilings and a section of wall that goes into the upper level. That was tough! Next time, a professional will do it!.

    1. Thank Barbara. Oh boy I wouldn’t want to do your condo either! I only go up so high on a ladder and then my feet freeze to the rungs!

  3. Hey sister, that’s another thing we have in common! I love to strip a room, clean it, and paint it. My first year of retirement I painted and redecorated every room of our Capehouse. Then I had a little bout of depression and fatigue ( which our project did wonders for) and I couldn’t do anything. Now I, too, feel so much better I got a job! How wonderful to have energy again! 🙂

    1. Tom, that’s sad. Good for your wife though, makes it more fun for her if you don’t mess with painting you can’t say you don’t like it when it’s done. 🙂 My rule.

  4. I love to paint too. We just tackled a dresser for our nursery. You’re so right about the taping, such a pain! As far as things I miss doing, sleeping on my stomach. Pregnancy has caused many upsets during the night.

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