Feeling sick? How do you self-medicate?

Ed’s been sick for a few weeks with a cold. It’s been interesting to see how he self-medicates compared to my choices.

Ed goes to work when he’s sick.
Not me! I hit the couch.
Ed comes home from work covers up with a blanket, channel surfs and eats ice cream.
I stay on the couch all day sleeping.

When the worst is over but still feel tired we’re still different.
Ed goes back to work
I go to the couch and watch HGTV, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry met Sally, and Sweet Home Alabama.

I’ve noticed I tend to do more resting and watching things that make my happy than Ed. I’ve noticed I recover faster.

What do you do when you don’t feel good?

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  1. Hey Julie, I'm pretty sure if he had a regular job he wouldn't go to work. But he does hardscape (retaining walls, patios, driveways) and he works alone. And to be fair if he doesn't work then we don't have money in the bank. So I should be happy that he does go to work. I just think he'd heal faster if did it my way.

  2. I'm with you. The sooner you take care of yourself the faster you recover. Does your husband consider how many people in his office he's passing his sickness to. Doesn't that make the whole office inefficient? When I was teaching, I told my college students if they were sick and felt feverish just stay home. They can keep up with me by computer or phone.

  3. I'm just like Ed. Once when I was a train dispatcher, I worked my night shift for four days in a row with a fever; I popped Dayquil throughout the nights; my lungs burned with every breath I took; and I coughed every few words I spoke so radio communication was a challenge.

    I would have gone in for my last shift of the week if it weren't for my boss who called me to the side somewhere around 4 AM and said: “If you show up to work tomorrow, I'm sending you home.” I replied: “Are you as tired of hearing me cough as I am?”

    The next day, I went to the doctor who told me I had bronchitis and prescribed some antibiotics. I asked: “So can I go to work tonight?” He looked at me like I was insane and put me on sick leave for a week.

  4. Funny. My hubby and I are exactly the opposite. If I start feeling puny I'll start cleaning house like mad. He just goes to bed and stays there till he feels better. I think it takes about the same amount of time, but no one has had to listen to him whining…

  5. I used to be like Ed — nothing would keep me from working. Now, I've learned that if I just rest, relax and allow my body to do its healing work, I recover faster and am working at full speed again quickly. (And am much less likely to get everyone around me sick!)

  6. I fantasize that my husband will wait on me every time I call out to him. Hmm. Maybe I really don't want Wally's version of homemade chicken soup. LOL. Please tell Ed I hope he's feeling better soon. Hugs to both of you.

  7. You know what they say – feed a cold, feed a fever, pretty much eat whenever and whatever you can get hold of. But chocolate ice cream is always the best. My 22-year-old daughter had the flu last week and she still just wanted her mommy. I'm glad that works for her.

  8. I have a nasty cold right now. I take hot showers and drink tea and take it easy. If it's really bad, I go to bed and let my husband watch the kids.

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