Festivities! That’s the name Josh dubbed our after Christmas/Ed’s Birthday/Andy’s Graduation day. I like it. I’m going to keep it for next year. Since Josh is majoring in business and planning on living in Chicago where his fiance, Brianna is from I don’t imagine he will be home for Christmas often. So Festivities! is the best way to describe the after Christmas holiday!
Here’s a photo of my crew, minus Brianna. She didn’t get to come this time. She’s allergic to cats and with starting student teaching this week it didn’t seem like a good idea to take a chance with her health.

Ben, Sara, Josh and I took a trip to Alton to have lunch with Ed. This job seems to have no ending and he worked most of the Christmas vacation laying pavers. It’s amazing what he’s done though. If you want to see more there is a slide show at www.myyardlines.com

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