Field of Blood—look out!

Field of Blood by Eric Wilson

This book troubled me in the beginning. I do not like vampire stories. I was uncomfortable with reading a book about the ‘undead’ who feed on souls and human blood. Yet, I kept reading because the author is an excellent writer and he pulled me from page to page and into the fabric of his characters lives. Soon I was hooked. I had to know more about the Nistarim –the immortal who walk the earth left by God to protect us from mankind. Eric Wilson has to be the first author I have read that I actually put down my book and retrieved my bible to make sure he was not making up stuff. Kudos for that!

The journey of Gina Lazarescu is complicated from the moment we are first introduced to her. She is a small child, five-years-old and does not have a normal childhood. She lives in a single parent home in Romania. Her mother has an unusual method of attempting to keep her child free of sin by the use of blood letting. It is important that her mother keep her safe from the collectors (the undead.) Gina does not understand why her mother does this to her and eventually she rebels, leading to some difficult times.

The books pacing is done well, as readers we cover the world as Gina moves from one country to another.

After reading this book I have an even greater appreciation for communion. This book took me to a place in my walk of faith that I have never been and I look forward to reading the next two in this series.

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