Finding a voice

I’ve started working on my next book. It’s hard. Not hard to come up with the idea, characters and plot, it’s hard to come up with a voice.
I can see my heroine but I can’t hear her yet. She still sounds like my last heroine to me. So how am I planning to fix this problem?
Tennessee. Yep, I’m traveling again. I’ll be keeping my ears open for a unique voice one that captures my character. I love this part of writing, eavesdropping in dressing rooms–okay I like shopping too! Then there are restaurants that are unfamiliar to me, but to the locals they’re home so they talk about anything and everything. And of course I’ll be listening at the local Wal Mart store. I find great voices there, so many people carry on detailed conversations on their cell phones in that store. So wish me the best. I know that voice is out there somewhere just waiting to meet my character.

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3 thoughts on “Finding a voice

  1. Casey Freeland says:

    Ah, the search for a voice. That’s a good one. I’ve found that if I relax, write with real honesty, the voices just come. When I start to construct, to push things around artificially, to over-plot, that’s when my voices all sound like a third grade read-aloud.

    Have fun on your travels!

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