Friday’s Sadness

Things are not always what they seem. I know that, everyone knows it. So why do we continually allow ourselves to be surprised or in my case shocked?

This sweet innocent cat, Wendell who loves to sit on my lap while I’m writing, smash into my back when I’m sleeping and purrs so with the power of a chain saw, shocked me today.
Wendell went out for his morning look around. He came to the door. I opened it and he ran past me, nothing unusual about that, he likes to eat the food bowl is where he runs when he comes inside. A few minutes later I heard thumping.

I ignored it thinking he wanted more food.

Then he came around the corner with a bird in his mouth, not a tiny one either. It was huge. I felt so bad for that bird.
He didn’t make it.
I buried the bird and grounded Wendell.
He no longer is on my lap while I’m writing. He’s upstairs in his basket.

All is not as it seems.

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  1. Yuck. I had a cat do that a long time ago and the bird was still alive and flapping its wings everywhere in the house. Luckily, that bird survived but the cat kept wanting to get back outside where we had put the bird.

  2. Cats are natural hunters. Your sweet little kitty was simply following instincts. Haven't you ever had a cat drop a bird or lizard or something on your front door? In the society of your home, the cat is doing what nature asks it to do. Protect and provide. Certainly cool to be sad for the bird, but don't be sad for the kitty. Sounds like a great cat to me.

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