From a 2 z 4 u & me The Letter “A”

Patty Wysong gets all the credit for this brilliant idea. You can follow along and play as well. It’s easy one subject a week that starts with that weeks letter. You can find the details here.

This weeks letter is “A”.

Sure it will be easy. Or will it?


 I have a favorite, well more than one but one is the most important to me. 

I love scarves, it’s an excuse to have sparkles and color swirl about me and this year it’s ‘okay’ ‘they say’ to wear them with my t-shirts! 


Can we talk shoes? How do you pick a favorite of those? I have a lot of cute but painful ones that I thought would be my favorites. Turns out most of the time I grab my sketchers. Comfy rocks my walks.

Jewelry anyone? Bangles are hot right now, I have those too and most of them sparkle.



Headbands–only a fan of them when the waves on my head won’t play fair. 

Purses love those as well. I have a yummy pinkish orange one I scored at the local resale store. I’m just waiting for the right outfit to wear it with.


My favorite is the accessory that takes me out, sits by me in church, and holds my hand. My husband. 

Diana with her favorite accessory–Ed


What’s your favorite accessory this year?

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  1. Ah, accessories. I love accessories because no matter what, they always fit! My big challenge is remembering to include them in my outfits, so I'd have to say purses are my fave, because they are hard to forget!
    Cool blog, BTW!

  2. I love scarves, but bracelets are my thing, at least since my husband got me started a few years ago. They just add the perfect finishing touch! =]

    But yeah, my truly fave accessory is my husband, too. =] =]


  3. What a fun post! I love my Seekerville Unpubbed Island necklace. Not much of an accessory kinda gal – but that one tickles my fancy for sure.
    Thanks for playing along!

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