Front Porch Living

I’m joining the garden party, except it’s a party for one! Me. All it took was some scooting of furniture to a better arrangement, some soap and water a few things found inside and a vase of flowers from target. Now I can say–
Summer is here!
A friend of mine mentioned she saw a firefly making it officially summer for her.

For me it’s getting the porch clean and ready to relax with a glass of tea that’s so cold it drips with sweat. A good book to read and I’m ready to enjoy my summer.

Last night was my official start of summer. We went to the Cardinals baseball game. If we are lucky we get to go in June. The day had been rain-filled and I thought for sure we wouldn’t get to go. By game time it cleared and the game was on. It was a little humid and hot, still the cotton candy tasted amazing. Is there anything that says summer like cotton candy and the crack of a bat against a ball?

A little boy of about 3 sat behind us. He asked his mom if they could go home. He said, “I don’t get this.”

Someday he will.

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4 thoughts on “Front Porch Living

  1. Edna says:

    It would be nice to have a garden party if it wasn't for the bugs and heat. So mine would have to be inside.
    But I do like to win books, LOL


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