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Leafing through the July 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping I stumbled upon an article by Blogger Nichole Bernier called Hobby? What Hobby?

She wrote about trying to discover what she liked to do by using pinterest. I copied her idea and created my own boards, Have Been, Am, and Becoming. 
The idea is to find out what I liked to do, like to do and want to do. Sounds easy doesn’t it?
I don’t have much on the boards yet, but I’m finding it easier to fill in the Have Been and Am. The Becoming board is at this moment empty. 
It makes me wonder about the state of my mind. 
Is there nothing I want to become or do in the future?
Have I reached my pinnacle of being who I want to be?
Am I afraid to dream big?
Follow me on pinterest to see if I overcome the blank board. Maybe while you are there you can follow Nichole Bernier’s advice and set up your own boards.
If you can find a copy of the article I encourage you to read it. 

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  1. Pinterest is like chocolate. Like chocolate, there's only so long I can go without. I must stay away to achieve my goals, but every once in a while, I have to go there and pin for a while. Great idea for boards!

  2. Perhaps, the future board is empty because you want to keep your options open! I think it's a neat idea to use pinterest to help do this, I usually just do a written version, but the visual side is fun, so I might try this. Thanks for sharing the idea!

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