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The Word Nerd Meme starts today with the word FISHING. Writers love words and can spin a word into a story, a past memory or a devotion faster than you can spit. Look for more WORD MEME posts below the words BLOG HOP. 



Fishing is something I don’t do. I don’t like to bait a hook, catch a fish, or eat one. What I like is the attempt. 

When Andy and Opi went fishing it was in a world where phones were connected to the wall, there wasn’t a smart phone, kindle or iPad to take your attention away from the task at hand—fishing. 

The only distractions were from Opi talking to Andy, maybe eating a sandwich packed by Aunt Bee and sometimes a fish was caught. 

There are lessons to be learned from those fishing trips. Taking time to be with a family member and listen to what they are saying or just being still together taking in the warm air, the lap of the water on the beach or the rocking of a boat. Nothing pulls them away from that moment and I think that’s why fishermen like Andy and Opi love fishing. 

So what’s a girl to do if she doesn’t like to fish? 

There are things I like about fishing, the warm weather and the river banks or lake beaches but that doesn’t help me when it’s 11 degrees and I’m not near water. But I crave that time of doing nothing on purpose. 

I think it’s time to hang out my “Gone Fishing” sign. Turn off my computer, phone, television and pack my gluten free lunch and head to one of my favorite cold weather spots-my chair by the wood stove. I think I’ll take a book a long and read slow instead of fast just so I can finish and write a review. 

By: Steven-L-Johnson

If Ed happens to be home perhaps I can encourage him to ‘go fishing’ with me too if I bring along a dish of ice cream. 

This weekend I won’t be available.

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created by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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  1. Diana, thanks for the reminder that we all need times of withdrawal, where we don’t have to care for anyone but ourselves. Most of my days, these days, are ones of solitude. It’s been an interesting journey, but oh so valuable. The introvert I claim to be, is learning the value of quiet and how it can allow God’s voice to speak what I need to hear. So, although I also am not a fishing enthusiast, I can still “go fishing”.


    1. Jane, maybe in your case “gone fishing” could mean getting out and mixing with people? I don’t know it seems like flipping the normal is the relaxing part–especially since you are not an introvert. 🙂 What’s good is you have found a way to “fish.”

  2. I’m not really a fisherperson either, but I can certainly appreciate the relaxation and companionship that goes along with it. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in one’s busyness that we forget how important it is to take a break every once in a while, even if it’s just to kick back and watch a movie or something 🙂

  3. Fishing days, even in the winter, are sooooo needed. Even without the water and fish. LoL. Just disconnecting and being still and quiet for a bit. Thanks for this reminder. 🙂

  4. Taking time off sounds wonderful. 🙂 I had a brief break last week, partly because of a series of terrible headaches that wouldn’t stop. But when my head wasn’t pounding so hard, I did get some reading time in, which was a huge plus.

    1. Jodie,
      I have your headaches this week. Ugh. Up and down weather pressure I think. It’s really hard to uplug and turn off everything but if we are to remain sane, have some original thought and maintain family relationships it’s a necessity.

  5. LOL! I don’t feel so bad about how scatterbrained I’ve been the last couple of days now. 🙂

    I LOVE my annual retreat. We figured it up and this was our 6th year. 3 beautiful disconnected days. It always helps to kickstart my desires and disciplines (including household ones) 🙂

  6. I love this! I try to take at least one day a month when I “Go Fishing”, ignoring all the things I’m supposed to be doing or should be doing, instead laying on the couch with a child or two nearby watching movies we enjoy and eating junk food. It’s very restorative….

    1. Hi Carrie, you gave me the idea for this post when you took several days off. It sounded so peaceful I wanted to give it a try.

      I’m sorry the blog hop isn’t live yet. I have my days wrong. It starts tomorrow.

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