Hotel, RV or Tent?

A group of Christian writers hang out at Take Flight on Facebook and Patty Wysong suggested we do a progressive interview. Writers love this sort of thing and we hope readers do as well. So the question I asked was, “Would you rather sleep in a hotel, RV or tent?” My answer is at the end.

5th wheel and Doge Truck


Yvonne Blake Hmmm… that’s a hard one! (It depends on the weather and the company.) I’ll have to say “tent” – hoping the conditions are all favorable. 
Sharon Clements Srock I love being in the open, I hate sleeping on a cot. Never met a comfortable one. So I’d have to say RV, the comforts of home, but the ability to take it with you.
Joanne Sher I have been in an RV and a tent a total of three times – (the RV once). I love the IDEA of a tent, but I’m gonna have to go with the hotel. It doesn’t have to be the Ritz or anything. No RV, cuz I have NO desire to even try to drive something like that (and hubby can’t drive). And if he’s with me, he’d have a HECK of a time getting up from the ground if we were in a tent. My link?
Sherri Wilson Johnson
Grew up with an RV. Can’t wait to own one again one day so me and hubby and the Chihuahua can hit the road!
Valerie Friesen Comer My husband and I tented for years, with numerous camping trips every summer with our kids. Still, eventually, our bones got a little creakier and we switched to a camper. Last year we bought a little camping trailer and absolutely love it. It has all the comforts of home, but we can park it by a creek in the mountains and still enjoy the fresh air, the fishing, the berry picking, and just the peacefulness of nature soothing our souls.
Linda McQuinn Carlblom
RV for short one or two night trips. But hotels for anything longer. I’m a wimpy, spoiled brat at heart! LOL.
Sharon Hoover
RV but I want to say tent. :-/ An RV would allow me to move from place to place with my stuff soooo easily. But a tent is so much more open and relaxing!
Patty Sargent Wysong

When I was a little girl in Maine, my parents had a Shasta. We had such good times in that lil thing! When Dad retired, they were full-time RVers for several years and they had so much fun! They would come visit us, set up in our driveway, and still be home. When they were on the road Mom was the Post Card Queen and we got to travel vicariously through her post cards. So, I’d have to say RV. I like my comfort and the RV would give me comfort and freedom–and for a wimpy free spirit like me, that sounds like a slice of heaven. Where do I sign up?

Kristi Peifer

Tent camping is great, but my youngest, who is autistic, doesn’t do well in a tent. I’m hoping when he’s a bit older we’ll get to try it again. Meanwhile, we have stayed in hotels. The enclosed space of a hotel room is comforting to him.

Janet Sketchley

Hotel, and since I’m wishing, a classy one. In a world without weirdos (wishing again) I’d choose a tent in a campground with trees and lots of water

Christina Rich
I’d say tent, but I’m liking some of those RVs I’ve seen on House Hunters (yep, a fan). 

Audra Christensen Silva

Oh, good question. I’m an all three kinda gal. I love tent camping if it’s a short stay, and the weather is reasonable. If it’s a longer stay, I’d much prefer an RV especially with kids. Can we say baths? If the weather is just plain miserable, give me a hotel.

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer— I’d go for the RV. We had one once and it’s really nice to take your home with you. Pulling into the campground and knowing your room will be ready in a few minutes, your book is where you left it and there aren’t any suitcases to move is delightful. I’d like to have one now since I must eat gluten free it would be wonderful to travel with my own kitchen.

There are a lot more questions and answers, just click a link and head off to see what others have on their blogs. Leave a comment and tell me your answer: Hotel, RV or Tent?

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  1. Without any reservations (pun intended), the only way for me to go is pop-up tent camper. It's small enough to fit in tight spots and you stay close enough to nature with the wind gently blowing your canvas wall. And when it rains you can still stay dry and have enough room to walk around. And you get a real mattress too!

  2. Depends on my mood. I've always been a hotel kind of girl. My hubby likes camping, but I refused to go in a tent. So we bought a pop-up. I wasn't crazy about it but went along for the ride. Our family grew and we didn't fit in the pop-up any longer, so we bought an expandable trailer. Love it!! Full bathroom, microwave, stove, oven, heat, air, all the comforts of home. Our deal is that I still get one hotel vacation a year, but I actually really like camping now!

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