How do you handle stress? #ROW80

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Do you live on Cope Dr.?

 Living on Cope Drive

I have two sons that have been ill these past few months. They don’t live at home anymore but that doesn’t make it any less stressful for Ed and I.

This past week  has been challenging in the coping department.

Unable to fix the situation, bake, or read stories (they are way to old for that–one of them is married) I had to come up with ways to keep my mind busy.

I could have written.
I didn’t.
The writer’s brain I’ve been given turns dark and surly when I’m distressed, turning my characters into evil people.

Here’s what I did do:
worked out
ate a small pizza
stripped wallpaper
talked with my friends
bought paint to use on the ceiling and walls

It may be an odd way of coping but it’s better than my normal way–eat through the worry one bag of chips and grilled cheese sandwich followed by the same.

What do you do when stress is trying to take over your day?

Goals are kaput this week.
I have been asked to resubmit a 3 book proposal so I’ll be adding that to the goals for next week.

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  1. Take notes. Write a journal. Express how you feel, and keep writing. The habit of writing in a journal can maintain the habit of putting words on paper just to tide you over until you're ready to tackle the stories again. In the meantime you're making notes of your own journey, which your characters will thank you for.
    Works for me!

  2. There's nothing worse than feeling helpless {{hugs}} However, it sounds like you handled it well. Wishing your sons speedy recoveries. Hope the rest of the week goes better for you.

  3. We had a hostile work environment at my day job that made things really difficult for quite a while. (Ended up with my doctor taking me off work for a week at one point.)

    My method of coping was the same as it was for lesser crises: if your mind must dwell on the problem, then let it do so as long as you are actually doing something about it. (Even if it's just seeking out information and the answer to questions.)

    Letting myself be angry, or sorry for myself, but recognizing that these don't DO anything — they're for me.

    Simple pleasures and mindless tasks.

    Watching or listening to things which are light, but have a deeper meaning. The Muppet Movie. Garrison Keillor's monologues. (Keillor's voice is like a shot of tranquilizer right there.)

    For writing, I wrote in my journal, or took notes. I was self-indulgent in what I did – no goals, just expressing it — and I did not try to push anything.

  4. Well, today I feel like running away. I'm tired. Stressed. Broke. At wit's end, actually. I need help.

    Sorry. I'm normally a very positive, upbeat, optimistic, perky person. This question caught me in the midst of tears.

    1. I'm feeling your pain in that comment. I do understand your need to run. Can you turn that fear into an action to relieve some of the stress?
      Praying for you to find your perky self and that finances and help will find you.

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