10 thoughts on “How do you wear your guilt?

  1. Linda Adams says:

    I have a poker face when it comes to getting angry. I actually didn't know it until I took at training class, and then some things made sense. I had a big blow up with someone — I don't get angry often — and I couldn't figure out why no one even knew I was angry!

  2. Cindy M Bell says:

    Oh goodness!

    I've always had a patent on the ultimate anti-poker face (much like poor Denver), but I've learned not put myself in that situation in the first place, luckily! Plus, I'd generally feel too guilty prior to being found out anyway, lol.

  3. Barbara Forte Abate says:

    Too funny! Not just guilty, but SERIOUSLY guilty!

    If I had/have any giveaway traits I can't say, other then that no one has ever informed me that I do. Geez, makes me wonder if I'm a really good liar, and that's not such an admirable trait. Although it did keep me from being sent to the kennel with my tail between my legs :-O

  4. Sherry Isaac says:

    Aw. Denver!

    Our Bailey, now passed, exploited her repentant look as soon as we walked in the door. Always knew what she shouldn't do, and always knew how to make sure we still loved her after she misbehaved.

    And then there was the time she ate all the raw burger patties…

    I don't know if I had a poker face, but I was believed when I lied, and disbelieved w hen I told the truth. Consistency, at least.

  5. Sonia G Medeiros says:

    Omigosh I love that video. That dog's guilty face is hilarious. I'd almost have felt too bad to discipline.

    I don't think I had many tells when I was a kid, an older kid anyway. I had too good of a poker face. I always assumed it was partly because I was a storyteller (and some of it came from a desire to avoid very enthusiastic punishments). I'm sure I have some tells that the trained eye could detect though. LOL

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