How to Eat Gluten Free at a Burger Place

B is for Bunless Burger!

Eating in burger in a gluten-filled world is often risky. You can’t see what is happening in the restaurant kitchen and you have to put your trust in a waitress. You pray she’ll convey the need for changing gloves, cleaning the grill and keeping all bread items away from your meal.
A few years ago 5 Guys Burgers and Fries opened close to my home. I am in burger heaven.

The kitchen is visible, the cashier yells, “Change gloves! Gluten allergy!”

It’s true, I have to eat my burger with a fork an knife, but I don’t mind. That means I have extra weight watcher points for those fries!

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  1. Great post! I don't have problems with gluten, but do better both health and weight-wise when I limit carbs, so I can relate to this! (Although I'd skip the fries, too, as well as the bun.)

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