How will you spend Easter?

At our house Easter is more than a tradition. For our family it is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Because He rose and I believe that He died for my sins I know I will be going to heaven when I die.

For over 20 years we have gone to the sunrise service at our church. This year the church youth are in charge. That means an exciting ‘Wake You Up’ service. There will be music and this year three of the young girls are doing a praise dance to I Can Only Imagine. I can’t wait!

After the service we make our way to the basement for a pancake breakfast. I won’t be able to eat because of being gluten free. I’m still going though because my kids (now grown) will be there too. It’s a fun time as the people coming to the next more traditional service will also be trickling in for the breakfast. It’s a good time to fellowship and show off our grown kids. 

After that excitement we head to my mother-in-law’s house where our blended family gets to hunt eggs with the younger children, eat an amazing lunch and then take a neighborhood walk.

 How do you spend your Easter?

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