Is Zumba Right for you?

Zumba for the over 50 crowd

a2z: “Z” is for Zumba

Have you seen the infomercial for the Zumba program and thought that looks like fun but I can’t move like that.

Have you driven by countless churches and dance studios advertising Zumba classes and thought about trying it but drove on past?

That’s what I did until last fall when a Dealsaver too good to pass up, arrived in my inbox. I had an all access pass to all classes at Studio L for a month.

Zumba was offered. Scared through the darkening roots of my hair to my toenails I went, not sure what to expect.

This is what I got.

zumba clothes
Welcome, let’s have fun!


She welcomed me with that smile. Then  told me not to be afraid if I couldn’t keep up or figure out the routines. What was important to remember was be safe. 

“Be safe?”

“Yes, if you’re getting tired, march in place run around in circles just don’t stop. Do the foot work the best you can and ignore the hand movements until you feel ready. Have fun! There is joy in moving your body.”

I was hooked. It wasn’t until later I discovered Doreen’s story. She too had wandered into a class and loved it so much she took the classes to teach. In the process she lost 35 pounds. I’d say she gained in new friends as well. She’s so full of energy and brings it to her classes.

I’m over 50, I don’t even mind admitting that. I’m glad I found Doreen’s Zumba class because the music and movement have given me back my excitement for living. Yes, I’ve lost weight but I’ve also done a few other things like power stretch and essentrics. What’s important to me is that I’m not sitting on a couch explaining my non movement as my right because I’m getting older.

Instead I’m toning up, able to lift items with ease and have more energy.

Another bonus to taking classes is that I have met many new friends–and not all of them are 19! Some are my age. There’s the proof that you too can do Zumba.


Who knows maybe there is a Doreen waiting for YOU to arrive!


Zumba wear
Let’s Have Fun!




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  1. Diana,

    Thank you so much for writting this. I am so glad that this is how you feel about the class. It is a joy having you in there, and now breaking a sweat! And now look, you are motivating others to get up and move as well. What a wonderful thing! I am just speechless sometimes on how one small action that I make can impact many. Thank you for reminding me that even on the tough days of teaching it is ALL WORTH IT! I am glad that you enjoy dancing and find it, dare I say it, “fun’ to work out with me. And what a wonderful way to use your gifting with words to write this blog! Thank you for your insights and words. Blessings to you!

  2. Diana,
    Thanks so much for sharing. My daughter goes to a class in San Antonio and she loves it. I am 58 and have decided that I have got to get moving. I just got a membership to the YMCA for my sister and myself and they have the classes. I do think that I am going to give it a try.

    1. Sherre! That’s so exciting! Just remember you don’t have to do perfectly. Move and enjoy, don’t be afraid to march in place if you get confused.

  3. Isn’t it great to get up and move? I’m almost 60 and don’t mind admitting that, either. I do Bikram hot yoga and Koko fit club (one of these everyday) and I feel better than I did at 40! Lol! It doesn’t matter what you do – just move everyday! Thanks for alleviating Zumba fears!

    1. Linda, I’m impressed Birkram hot yoga looks difficult to me. I’ve been doing power stretch and I love that. Very cool that you are almost 60 and active!

  4. Zumba sounds like fun with a face like that meeting one at the start. Never heard of it before, then maybe I drive with my eyes closed when passing places where it could be.
    We too walk for about an hour a day, although we do not have dogs. Still I am probably “undertoned”
    To be able to lose wait and gain friends is great.

    1. Retha,
      Maybe the Zumba craze hasn’t come to your country yet? You can google it and find videos. It’s fast paced and calorie burning fun.

  5. Diana,
    Thanks for explaining Zumba. I wondered for a long time about it since my banker tells me his daughter teaches it. We’re a long way from a town or city so I won’t be going to classes. In addition, we spend an hour total each day walking dogs, split between AM and PM. Our lifestyle includes regular activity so we are not overweight or undertoned (hmm, new word?). The classes sound like great fun and very healthy and an encouragement for the inactive among us. Glad you’re better off for trying them!

    1. Donna,
      I always wondered about the classes too. The informercials made it look so difficult.
      Good for you –inventing a new word! Undertoned!

    1. Patricia,
      Please come back and let me know how the CD’s are. I’ve thought about ordering the dvds but I’m loving the class so much I’m not sure I’d do them.

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